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Lenten Sermon Series

There are biblical images of God as a caring Shepherd (e.g., Psalm 23) and a mighty redeemer (e.g., Job 19:25).  But we dare not let these images remove the claws and teeth of the Lion who roars against spiritual hypocrisy and smug indifference. The message of Amos is singular—Restore the Roar!

Jubilant Fields, St. Michael’s blue grass band, Saturday, January 31st

jubulent fields
Do you love old gospel hymns, or enjoy tapping your foot to a fiddle? Jubilant Fields, St. Michael’s blue grass band, will be leading worship on Saturday, January 31st at 5:00p. Join us as we praise God with banjo, mandolin, bass, fiddle, and voices!

Walk Through The Old Testament

Last Saturday was the Bible seminar Walk Through The Old Testament. Over 220 people attended this event, guided by Pastor Lessing. The audio and video recordings will be available shortly, but we do have the booklet available by clicking here.

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