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Helping Hands blog

Celebrate!! St. Michael members heard “the roar” and responded with over 250 acts of kindness during the Lenten season. That is only the number of cards that were completed. There were projects that were never reported, many still have continuing projects, and others

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Mother Daughter Event

Save the date.  The 2015 Mother & Daughter event will be Saturday, May 16 from 2-4pm in Luther Hall.  The theme

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Adult Member Class

Pastor Lessing will be teaching a new adult membership class, beginning on Wednesday, April 8, from 6:30 – 8:15 pm. Whether you have questions about Christ or want to deepen your faith in Him,this six-week class (ending on May 13) will explore what the Bible says about our God, and how His love gives direction and meaning to your life.

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New Phone App

So do you like phone apps? Or apps for your tablet? If so, we have a new feature.

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New Hymnal Sponsorship

NEW HYMNALS – In an effort to fill our pew racks for those wishing to use a hymnal, 100 new ones have been purchased. To help offset the cost, hymnals can be sponsored for $25 each (plus $1 processing fee if paid online). If the donor wishes, a label will be printed for the inside cover. Click here for more.

Pastor’s Blog

Peter Drucker, a famous management consultant (1909–2005), frequently mentioned three different kinds of teams that organizations copy. A baseball team is a group of individuals with individual skills. They play on the same field but don’t have to talk to each other very much.  Then there is a soccer team.

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