Sermon Series

Money talking guides are available at our Information Center in the lobby. One will help you talk about money with your children and another is for married couples so that they, too, can engage in Money Talks. I’ve also created a twenty-one day devotional booklet called—you guessed it—Money Talks! You can get this at the Information Center as well. [See the book The Money Challenge, beginning on p. 18, for the devotional booklet ideas].

Sermons and Sunday morning Adult Bible Classes will also feature talks about money. We will shine the light on six different people in the Bible and see how money talks to them and to us. Here is the lineup:


November 3/4:       Lot: Money’s Dark Side
November 10/11:   Gehazi: Money’s Tempting Side
November 17/18:   Zacchaeus: Money’s Generous Side
Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study plans are as follows:
November 4:        The Rich Young Ruler: Money’s Captive Side
November 11:      Judas Iscariot: Money’s Destructive Side
November 18:      The Dishonest Steward: Money’s Useful Side
I invite you to make the most out of these resources and opportunities. Money Talks will help you and your family better manage your money for God’s greater glory.
Pastor Lessing