Sermon Series

Your New Money Mindset


This series of sermons and Bible classes will lay out a counter cultural and biblical approach to managing our relationship with money. It will make a compelling case that being wise and generous with money leads to greater joy, less worry, and a world more the way God intended it.

Your New Money Mindset will help us break our persistent desire for more in our consumer-driven society and ask us to reach for something better—a peace that we have enough for ourselves and enough to share.


St. Michael is partnering with Thrivent Financial, whose research and analysis team has developed the New Money Mindset Assessment. This 48-item tool gives insights into our financial thinking and decision-making. The assessment takes about ten minutes to complete, and the results are completely confidential. It is not about how much money we have or do not have. It is about how we perceive our relationship with money.

To begin, go to For the most accurate results:

1. Do not spend too much time on any one item;

2. Go with your first response;

3. Complete all the items;

4. Take the assessment in a quiet place; and

5. Be honest with yourself.


After you complete the exercise, you will receive your score on four different money mindset continuums in order to determine where you are on the path toward your new money mindset. Your score will help you look inside yourself to better understand how you view money, generosity, and the impact of your faith on both.


If you find yourself wrestling with credit-card debt you cannot pay off, or a car you cannot afford, or a house worth less than you owe on it—you will find help in this series. If you long to feel more satisfied at the end of each day, if you want more out of life than the fleeting gratification of another purchase—this series is for you. If you want to help family and friends break free from debt and consumerism Your New Money Mindset will help.
The sermon lineup is as follows:


November 4/5            A Satisfied Mindset
November 11/12          A Steward’s Mindset
November 18/19        A Servant’s Mindset



The Sunday morning adult Bible study plans are as follows:

November 4/5           Overcoming Consumerism
November 11/12         Why Does God Give Money?
November 18/19        Biblical Truths about Managing Money


Plan to be a part of these very practical sermons and classes. You will be glad you did!


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