Sermon Series
This is the year of Moses at St. Michael. So far, we have learned about this mighty man of God through the books of Hebrews, Exodus and Leviticus. It’s time now for a journey through Numbers. This book includes stories about sending spies into Canaan, water from a rock, a bronze serpent, and Balaam with his talking donkey. The Israelites are Heading for the Promised Land!


Numbers, however, also shows us a less glamorous side to the journey. The book describes callous ingratitude, perpetual complaining, and blindness to God’s ongoing mercies. Longing to go back to Egypt, the Israelites reject Moses’ leadership, have little faith in divine promises, and even get caught up in worshiping other gods. Yet God continues to put up with the people, pinning his hopes on the next generation. Though not perfect, the second generation emerges in the book of Numbers as a formidable nation.


June 23/24/25       Oh the Places You’ll Go!                                Numbers 6:22–27

June 30/ July 1/2  Conquering Complaining                               Numbers 11:1–9

July 7/8/9              Eldad, Medad and Me                                     Numbers 11:24–30

July 14/15/16        Defeating Envy                                                Numbers 12:1–16

July 21/22/23        God’s Plan is to Take us to God’s Land        Numbers 13:17–33

July 28/29/30        The Main Ingredient!                                       Numbers 14:1–11

August 4/5/6          Up or Down?                                                   Numbers 16:1–13

August 11/12          In the Waiting Room                                      Numbers 21:4–10

August 18/19         Safe and Secure from All Alarms!                Numbers 22:1–12

August 25/26         Balaam and his Talking (!) Donkey              Numbers 22:20–35