Sermon Series

I AM:  Portraits of Jesus

This is the Year of John at St. Michael.  We have studied John 1:1–18, taken up Christ’s seven miraculous signs, followed Christ to the cross, and examined the seven letters to the churches in the Book of Revelation.  Now we turn to our Savior’s wonderful “I Am” sayings that appear throughout the fourth Gospel.   These are some of the most dearly loved verses in the Bible.


Three sayings—“the Bread of Life,” “the Light of the World,” and “the Resurrection and Life”—interpret Christ’s miracles; the feeding of the 5,000; the healing of the blind man; and the raising of Lazarus.  Two of them—“the Good Shepherd” and “the Vine”—are linked to Old Testament promises, Psalm 23 and Isaiah 5 respectively.  Two others—“the Door” and “the Way, the Truth and the Life”—announce that Christ is the only way to enter into a saving relationship with God.


All seven “I Am” sayings are based upon Exodus 3:14 where God tells Moses, “I Am who I Am.”  When Jesus says “I Am,” he is making the breathtaking claim to be God himself—in the flesh!  Jesus does not just speak for God or represent God or point us to God.  Jesus is God.  He is the great “I Am!”


Sermons Plans


July 22/23/24    “I Am the Bread of Life”                 John 6:48


July 29/30/31   “I Am the Light of the World”         John 8:12


August 5/6/7   “I Am the Door”                                John 10:9


August 12/13   “I Am the Good Shepherd”            John 10:11


August 19/20   “I Am the Resurrection and Life”  John 11:25


August 26/27   “I Am the Way and the

                            Truth and the Life”                      John 14:6


September 2/3   “I Am the Vine”                             John 15:5