It is the position of the St. Michael Lutheran Preschool program and church congregation that children need to hear and experience the love of Jesus on a daily basis. Our relationship with children is established by Christ – “Whoever welcomes one of these children in My Name welcomes Me…” (Mark 9:37). The early childhood program’s primary purpose is to extend the Gospel to young children through a comprehensive ministry of care. As such, it is an integral part of the congregation’s mission and total ministry program. Parents are recognized as their children’s primary teachers and are supported by the early childhood program in their nurturing role.


Meet our Teacher
We are excited to introduce you to our Preschool Teacher.  Shannon Rose is passionate about providing young children opportunities to learn through play and exploration, providing activities that are interactive and meaningful, and giving young children new opportunities to develop independence.   
Shannon has a great desire to reveal God to her students so that they can come to know Jesus more personally.  Her hope is to encourage young learners to develop a love of learning and reading.
Shannon is a graduate of Ball State University and has experience at Sonshine Christian Academy and Mary Raber Elementary School.  Words used to describe Shannon:  gentle, kind-hearted, and personal with the students; friendly, positive, and approachable. 

We thank God for Shannon—she is an incredible teacher for our young students.

Praise be to God!

2018-2019 Preschool registration is now open!

Classes offered

Cut-off Dates


3 year old class (T/Th 8:30a – 11:00a)

3 by August 31, 2018


4 year old class (M/W/F 8:30a – 11:00a)

4 by August 31, 2018


4/5 year old class (M-F 12:30p – 3:00p)

4 by August 31, 2018