Registration for Isaiah is closed.
Make plans to dig into the Book of Isaiah, often called “The Fifth Gospel.” No other book in the Old Testament comes close to Isaiah for sheer grandeur, majesty, and artistry. Rarely have inspiration in the poetic and the theological sense been wed together so beautifully by a biblical author. The prophet’s saving message, soaring language, and unforgettable imagery are tightly woven into the fabric of Christian hymnody, liturgy, and devotional literature. Dr. Reed Lessing, Senior Pastor at St. Michael, is the seminar’s presenter. A recognized Isaiah scholar, Lessing’s dissertation on Isaiah 23 was published by Eisenbrauns, while his two commentaries, Isaiah 40-55 and Isaiah 56-66, were published by Concordia Publishing House.
The cost of the seminar is $12.50 per person and includes a study booklet, snacks, and lunch. Register by January 13, 2019.